Jack 'Strick' Strickland (left) Aaron 'Az' Gallagher (right)

Jack 'Strick' Strickland (left) Aaron 'Az' Gallagher (right)


Gday! Strick & Az here...

Coupla' best mates from the East Coast of Australia, burning with passion for outdoor adventure. Met in the unlikely big smoke of Brissy (city in Australia) and found common ground in spinning a yarn over our love for all things nature.

"You get it man, we need room to breathe... surely there’s more to life than this chaos; traffic, noise, chasing our tail every day!"

From a young age we were lucky enough to spend our spare time playing with sticks, falling out of trees, catching fish to cook over a fire and having no TV. Living in undeveloped areas we grew accustomed to an alternate pace of life, one that lets you appreciate each passing moment. Strick in the islands of Samoa & PNG, Az on a tropical fruit farm in North Queensland, Australia. Parents, if you're reading, THANK YOU!

While at University we'd take every chance to get away and get off-grid. We'd skip classes & any social events, preferring a fire on the beach under the stars.

"Bugger this big smoke for a joke mate... let's get Back to Basics!"

That's where it all started. Waterfalls, hiking, surfing and camping on islands. We'd often be too excited that we'd forget food, which forced us to catch it ourselves. For us, education wasn't about sitting in a class with a hundred other people… it involved much more. 

With smiles on our faces and a pocket full of dreams, together we set out to live life to the full, and share with those around us. Getting Back to Basics has taken us to extrondinary places such as Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, the Coral Sea, Kingdom of Tonga, Vanuatu, Samoa and Cape Tribulation (the oldest rainforest in the world).

We have a deep appreciation and connection to a lifestyle of getting Back to Basics. We value the simple things in life and we urge others to get involved. For us, we know how giving it is, especially when you really feel you need to hit the reset button! Our mission is to connect as many people as possible with nature.  We hope that you will join us!

 As a good mate of ours, Einstein once said:

“Look deep into nature and then you will understand.”