Do I need travel Insurance?

A simple one - yes. B2B trips require our crew to have travel insurance, or you're an Australian on an Aussie trip, private health care. Insurance to cover you from the likes of cancellation (non-refundable deposit loss), personal injury and medical expenses. We advise you to get travel insurance that covers personal liability and loss of personal property. It’s also super important to check that that your insurance covers all of the activities you’ll be partaking in, such as kayaking, water skiing and free diving. 

Our travel agent, Truss, can arrange this for you. Please ask.

Will I have mobile reception during my tour?

No, is the short answer. Mobile reception where we go is extremely limited. And there is a strict NO PHONE's policy on B2B Trips, so you can fully be present in your B2B experience . Should a family member need to reach you in case of an emergency, please leave our emergency contact number with them. We carry a satellite phone for emergency calls only.

Will I be able to charge my camera?

Selected accommodations, wilderness lodges and camp grounds have power points for you to charge along the way. We recommend that you have your camera fully charged prior to departure. Alternatively, your guide's carry solar chargers for use at certain hours of the day. Ask us for these times. Ensure bringing enough storage on memory cards for trip. 

NOTE: The B2B Crew will be taking photos and videos of the trip, which will be made available to you in the days following departure. 

Do you cater to special diets?

Yes. Once booked, you will be sent a pre-departure form to fill out and can list any dietary requirements there. Please keep in mind that this is defined as: religious reasons, health reasons, personal lifestyle decision. 

Is water provided?

Please bring your own drink bottle. We carry water coolers on each tour which you can re-fill your bottles from. 

Are there shower and toilet facilities?

On camping trips, yes of course there are! However, they are B2B eco-style, which means deep good holes for the loo and camp showers hung from trees. The real deal! On trips that have bungalow or share house accommodation, full facilities are available. 

Camping trips: Do I need to help set up camp?

Too right! If you are camping, we all get stuck in as a team to set up our tribe for our time there. Where meals are included there will be a cook, but it always helps if everyone gets in and lends a hand with cleaning and preparing meals.

How fit do I need to be?

Most of our trips require a solid amount of energy, especially freediving and spearing adventures. Some will have hikes over rocky terrain, through thick rainforest and swimming in waterfalls. A reasonable level of fitness and agility is required to participate fully. 

***If you are unsure at time of booking, please contact us and we can talk in detail about if we can make it work.***

What happens if my tour is cancelled due to weather conditions?

B2B reserves the right to cancel or postpone any tour due to unforeseen circumstances including: road conditions, flooding, mechanical defect, cultural considerations, cyclones or other reason.  In the event of trip cancellation, an alternative tour or full refund for that tour will be offered. We do not provide compensation for airfare changes etc (that relates to your travel agent).