It's 2018- Time to launch!


Splashh!! We've done it... dived in deep, full time to make our vision come true. It starts here - The B2B Website has now gone live and we're frothing on sharing our passion, projects and connecting people with our adventures, in 2018 an onwards! 

We have huge plans for the next 12 months, she's been flat stick behind the scenes on how's best to bring you guys in on the journey; our knowledge, networks and drive for getting B2B... here's what to expect:

  • Adventures that you can join us on, in locations such as: various Pacific Islands, Tropical North QLD, South East QLD and frequent freediving courses.

  • B2B Kit: Practical, original, high quality outdoor adventure kit. She'll be ridgey-didge, you can be sure of that. We have worked out through much trial an error the best gear for getting B2B and we're soon to have stoked a full range from waterproof bags, shirts & bushman's hats.

  • B2B tribe: We will be posting a FREE B2B MONTHLY MAG where we'll spin a few yarns, show latest cook-ups, fishing/spearfishing tips, what we're planning, tall tales and pics from you guys, competitions & giveaways, adventures or stories we've heard or been on, products and recourses we've been using on our trips, plus much much more! Sign up here ...