It's 2019.. and the wind is up the sails!

G’day Legends,

It’s been the wet season here in Far North Qld. A time of the year where we lay low, locking in our plans and trips for the upcoming year… And as she sits now, it’s gonna be a big one.

Ok! So in regards to all things getting Back 2 Basics. This year we have finally decided to fully let go of the anchor ropes and launch full time into living out B2B. This is a bug move for us… as previously we have been balancing two jobs: Strick as a Chemical Engineer and me as a Tour Guide and fruit farmer. So we’re tying up the loose ends now for making the transition and saying “bugger it” to that for now and are set on living out our passion through and through!

One our home turf. The South Bernard Islands, off Cowley Beach. Far North QLD.  (Photo by our mate Tobias)

One our home turf. The South Bernard Islands, off Cowley Beach. Far North QLD.

(Photo by our mate Tobias)

2019: What we’ll be focusing on.

  • Youtube channel- Getting amazing content to you guys on our adventures in Australia and through the Pacific Islands. If you haven’t been checking it out see that latest vid at the end of this blog post. You can check out the channel and SUBSCRIBE HERE for next vids.

  • Running Epic Trips- We’re passionate about connecting people with life changing experiences. We have dates set to go further exploring, spearing & fishing through the pacific islands. Stoked to see they’re filling up quick, if you & mates are keen see here for more info!

  • B2B Kit- Apparel and kit we use on our missions. This will be getting launched around Mid year. It will be legit the goods. Currently we have a few tees and tanks available just through messaging us and if we have what you’re after we can do a deal.

  • How to’s- We’ll doing a lot more on the where, how and why we do what we do on our missions. The catch, the cook, the finer details of our adventures… the tide, temperature and moon phases! There are truly so many accessible adventures to be had not too far from home.

Remember, tide and time wait for no man. So grab a handful of enthusiasm, a pocket full of passion & see ya out here!
— Strick & Az- B2B

The last V-log of a three part series of our last trip to Samoa in the Pacific Islands…

Lastly, we want to extend our thoughts to anyone who was effected by the extreme flooding up this way. Hang in there, stay strong, and if you are having a tough time, know its OK to speak out! We just got a couple of shirts off Trade Mutts… these sweet as, tough as nails, super loud shirts helping start conversations about mens mental health, a topic very close to us. For now, message us any questions and love to hear ya feedback.

Keep charging all and keep the compass true..