Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions (‘booking conditions’) form the basis of your contract with Back 2 Basics Adventures. Read them carefully as they set out your and our respective rights and obligations. By asking us to confirm your booking, we are entitled to assume that you have read these booking conditions, that you agree to them and that you agree to them applying to your trip arrangements that you book with us and which we agree to make, provide or perform (as applicable) as part of our contract with you. References in these booking conditions to your trip are references to the experience you've booked with Back 2 Basics Adventures. 

Cancellation & Refund Policy

Days of Notice required for cancellation:

Within 60 days of deprature, or if passenger fails to arrive: 100% cancellation fee
More than 60 days prior to departure: Forfeiture of the 20% deposit 

All cancellations must be received in writing by Back 2 Basics Adventures and are not effective until this notification has been received. If your trip has commenced, 100% of the trip price is charged. There is no refund for unused services or if portions of the trip are missed. 

Additional cancellation fees may also be charged in respect of accommodation reserved outside the trip dates. These cancellation fees are in addition to any fees that may be levied by Back 2 Basics Adventures and your travel agent (if any). 

Travel Information and Documents:

After booking, you will receive an invoice with all important information relevant to your B2B Experience. We strongly recommend you check the details carefully and read the included information. Will include, what to bring, not to bring, times, dates and all the finer details of the trip. Approximately one month before departure you will receive your travel voucher/s via email. 

Health & Fitness

A B2B Trip is not a health retreat; however, a good level of fitness and health is required to participate on a Back 2 Basics Adventure. When Off-Grid, there are some activities which include walking by foot, climbing, uneven surfaces, rainforest tracks, slippery rocks, or over shallow streams and rivers. Mobility is needed getting in and out of boats, onto jetties and to and from camp sites. We recommend a visit to the doctor and dentist before travelling to remote destinations. It is your responsibility to advise Back 2 Basics Adventures of any pre-existing medical conditions that may affect the normal conduct of a trip and the enjoyment of other passengers.

Late bookings & Special Offers:

Late booking promotions & special offers do not apply to existing bookings unless otherwise stated.

Personal Belongings & Lost items:

For security reasons valuables should be kept to a minimum and packed in your hand luggage along with your medicines, camera, film, electrical or battery-operated appliances, as well as basic essentials such as a change of clothing and toiletries. It is your responsibility to look after your property at all times and you must ensure you are adequately covered by comprehensive travel insurance in the event of any loss. 

Limitation of Liability 

1. On occasion B2B trips include the services of independent providers, such as hoteliers, boat & charter companies and other operators, who are not agents, servants or employees of Back 2 Basics Adventures. Although we take care in selecting the independent service providers and the optional excursions conducted by some independent service providers, Back 2 Basics Adventures is not responsible for the conduct of the independent service providers, their servants and agents or for any ramifications of that conduct. Optional excursions may, depending on your trip, include activities such as climbing, exploring, bike riding, kayaking, spearing, fishing, swimming and snorkelling. You accept and assume the risk involved with these activities.

2. If, in the opinion of any representative of Back 2 Basics Adventures, your mental or physical condition is such as to affect your own health and safety, render you incapable to care for yourself, cause you to became a hazard to yourself or other passengers or result in you becoming objectionable to other passengers or staff, you will not be permitted to embark or continue on the whole or any part of the trip. Back 2 Basics Adventures is not liable to you for any costs associated with such decision and you will not be refunded for any part of the trip. 
3. Back 2 Basics Adventures accepts no responsibility for any death, injury, illness, loss (including loss of enjoyment), damage, detention or delay (including mechanical breakdown) beyond its control. 

4. Any term, condition or warranty express or implied by statute or otherwise in respect of the trip contained on this website are excluded to the full extent permitted by law. Nothing in these booking conditions excludes, restricts or modifies the application of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth) as amended, consolidated, supplemented or replaced.

5. To the full extent permitted by law, Back 2 Basics Adventures liability arising under or in connection with these booking conditions: 
(a) is limited to the re-supply of the products or services or the payment of the cost of re-supply of the products or services to you; and (b) excludes liability for any indirect or consequential losses suffered by you or any third party, howsoever caused, including but not limited to pure economic loss or any special, extraordinary or punitive damage to you or any other party.

6. Your travel agent will forward deposits and other payments to us on your behalf, but your travel agent is not our agent for the purpose of receipt of monies. Receipt of deposits and subsequent payments by the travel agent does not constitute receipt of those monies by us and the travel agent has no authority expressed or implied to receive monies on our behalf. There is no liability on the part of Back 2 Basics Adventures in respect to any monies paid to your travel agent unless and until Back 2 Basics Adventures notifies you (by way of a booking confirmation advice or payment receipt advice) that monies have been received by Back 2 Basics Adventures. Back 2 Basics Adventures reserves the right to cancel any ticket or booking or refuse to carry any passenger where payment has not been received by Back 2 Basics Adventures within the specified time.

Medical Assistance 


For other travellers’ comfort there is no smoking on coaches or boats, except in designated areas. Use common sense and courtesy- as others may have allergies affected by smoke. 

Drugs & Alcohol

Strictly no drug policy on all of B2B Trips, however, Back 2 Basics Adventures supports getting high on life! Our trips are not "booze cruises", nor are they health retreats, they're about connecting with nature and those around you on a deeper level. Our staff are obligated by law to refuse service to any guest who, in their reasonable opinion, appears to be or is intoxicated, or behaves in an aggressive or offensive manner.

Service Inquiries

If a problem occurs during your trip you should, in your own interests, advise your guide so that steps can be taken to resolve the matter. If you remain dissatisfied, any complaint must be made in writing to Back 2 Basics Adventures within 30 days of the incident.